Commissions (Temporarily CLOSED)

 By Purchasing a Commission, you agree to the terms and conditions.

What I can Draw

My natural art style is cute and girly. Let me know if you want something less cutesy.
I primarily draw cute anime girls. I can draw males, but they will look a bit feminine. I can also draw anthros and animals as well.

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A sketch will have messy unrefined lineart. It will be coloured, but will not be shaded. The default background is a flat colour.



A flat coloured drawing will have clean refined lineart. It will be coloured, but will not be shaded. The default background is a flat colour.



This is a full drawing and will have clean refined lineart. It will be coloured, and will be shaded. The default background will be a simple design.



Contact me if you want a more complex background than the default, it will cost extra.

Default Background: This is different per commission. Look above for the default.
Simple Background: This is the background that I use for almost all my drawings. Just take a look at my other prints to understand this style of background. This is the default background that comes with fully shaded drawings. But you can purchase this for sketch comms and flat coloured comms
Complex Background: If you wish for me to draw an actual scene. 
Super Complex Background: If you wish for me to draw a scene that is very complex.
How to tell whether it is complex or super complex: Is there alot of content in the background? is the background a big focus? does the character significantly interact with the background? How much clear space is in the background? If you're unsure, just ask me.

Number of characters.

If you'd like to add extra characters to your commission, just contact me.
A major extra character (humanoid / large animal ) will cost an extra 65-85% of the commission price.
A minor extra character will cost an extra 15-35% of the commission price.
Let's use sailor moon as an example. Luna the cat would be a minor character and another sailor scout would count as a major character.

Have your Commission Printed.

For an extra fee, I can deliver a print of your commission to you!
Large / A4: $15 
Small / A5: $10 
+ Shipping Costs.
If the print gets lost in the mail or it arrives damaged, I can resend it for no additional cost. 


Do you intend to profit off my art?

If you intend to use my commission for commercial use, please contact me. 

The cost of the commission will be higher, as you will also be paying for a license to use the image.

The increase in price varies based on your intended use. For example, if you intend to print my commission on your products/packaging, then it will be higher. But if your a small time streamer who wants to use it as promotional art, then the hike in price will be ALOT lower

If you wish to 'upgrade' a finished commission to have a license for commercial use, you may contact me.

Note: I still retain copyright. The license to use cannot be transferred/shared to others without my consent.

Commercial Use vs Non-Commercial Use

  • Products (Including Promotional Products such as freebies)
  • Advertising (Physical or Digital)
  • Packaging / Branding 
  • Monetized Content Creators. Such as V Tubers / Streamers.
  • Personal use 
  • A Gift
  • Profile Image (non-businesses)
  • Decoration for a personal website


Copyright / Use

•I retain copyright of the work. You are paying me for the labour to create the art and not for the copyright.
•If you wish to use the art for commercial use, I can offer you a license to use. But regardless, I retain copyright. This license cannot be transferred/shared to others without my consent.
•If you use my commission, you must credit me where appropriate.
•I may post commissions on my social media. 

Payment / Refund

•Payment first and then the commission
•You can only request a full refund if I have not started. A partial refund may be available if I have not finished.
•If I am the one to request the refund (e.g. I cannot complete it for any reason), then you will get a full refund, regardless of how much progress I have made.

•Commissions take 3-14 days to complete from the moment I begin work. Your commission will take longer if there is a waiting list.
•If for any reason your commission is delayed (e.g. school or unexpected events), then I will notify you. But I try to take commissions during periods when I'm not too busy.
•Commissions take priority over other artworks. They will be done in order of time. Can pay a rush fee if you need it by a certain date.

How to Order

•Purchase a commission as a product. Upload your character reference when you purchase.
•OR Purchase a commission by contacting me directly via email / insta / twitter.

Collection: Basic Single Character Commissions

you can purchase a character commission straight from my store! This basic character commission will get you a drawing of one (1) character. These commissions are for PERSONAL USE only!

 If you want something different, contact me directly for a commission.