About the Artist

Hello There!

Hi! I'm Mousse Mouse ('moose' 'mouse')

I'm an anime artist based in Auckland NZ and I'm pursuing my passion for art! It's my dream to one day earn enough to make a living drawing. But until I get there, I'll enjoy the journey and do my best to grow as an artist! I love drawing pretty girls and things I find cute. I'm also quite sentimental, so I'll often just draw things I find nostalgic.

You can find me at New Zealand Conventions such as Overload Expo and Armageddon! I also try to pop up in smaller markets around Auckland on the occasion.

Every purchase goes towards making new products and investing in my art. Bit by bit I hope to expand my catalog.

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  • Likes

    Sanrio, Vocaloid, Okami, Warrior Cats, Princess Tutu, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ranma 1/2, inuyasha, Princess Mononoke

  • Inspirations

    Rumiko Takahashi, Arina Tanemura, CLAMP, Studio Ghibli, Ikuko Itoh.

  • Goals

    I'd like to eventually start a sticker club. And, once I improve my art a bit more, I hope to start selling apparel.